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Baabell: A Global Platform powering The World’s Diversity and Inclusion Outcomes.

Once upon a time, workers from all the corners of the earth came together to build the tower of Babel, but they failed. We have built Baabell to bridge the conditions that facilitated the failure of innovative periods in the past in order to boost business and personal sustainability and growth through diversity and inclusion in the future workplace.

Baabell for individuals

It takes just one noise or
echo to disrupt an online meeting.

Kids playing loudly during your meeting?

No quiet place in your home?

Your voice creates echo for others on the call?

You are distracted by surrounding sounds?

Baabell makes it all go away!

Baabell removes all other noise from your call, while delivering HD voice quality in real-time.

It takes just a foreign language to ruin your
understanding or experience.

Trying to connect face-to-face with like minds across language barriers?

Finding it hard expressing yourself sometimes in another language different from yours?

Missing out on online events or conferences because of language differences?

Or are you a tourist, immigrant, or travel junkie trying to Interact or build relationships across different languages?

Baabell takes all the discomfort away.

Baabell allows you to speak and understand up to 70 new languages instantly without having to learn. All in real-time.

Baabell for Teams and Enterprises

Save up to 2million hours a year on
performance management and
employee rating

Baabell helps remote and hybrid teams of all sizes track their performance across connected devices and provides data-driven reports based on the latest scientific research at MIT to boost productivity and employee rating.

Optimize Your Workflow across connected devices

Baabell offers a connected workflow platform and connected cloud-based desk that makes it easier for diverse, dispersed or hybrid teams to work from anywhere on mobile and desktop.

Improve information circulation and employee engagement by over 70%

Baabell provides noise cancellation, real-time translation and HD voice quality on team calls, online events and company contents and information.

Software users

Our Current Users​

Online event creators and podcasters

Instant language adaptation and translation during events and face-to-face meetings, better scheduling experience for hosting events and meetings

Customer support and Corporates

Provide customer support in multiple languages without having to expand your team. Engage better with employees from diverse underrepresented backgrounds.

Diverse and dispersed teams

Manage communications, automate employee rating, and track the performance of remote and diverse teams across connected devices with data-driven insights.

Digital entrepreneurs

Speak and understand over 70 languages without having to learn, track your productivity and digital wellness across devices and connect with others like you.

Meet the advocates

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About Us

Meet The Exceptional Team

Jared Shittu AKA Jay wonder

Jared Shittu is a creative visionary and double agent startup ecosystem leader and tech salesman with contagious a enthusiasm. He has worked at organizations like the Ministry of Youth Development, Semences Innovations, Founder Institute, and Global Startup Ecosystem. He is also the co-creator of Webers subscribers, one of Africa’s fastest-growing WhatsApp-based startup communities. Jared loves to play chess and interact with bright minds

Adeshina Shittu AKA Pounds

Adeshina Shittu is an IT professional with a first degree in Physics Electronics and Security Systems Engineering and Masters in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. He has worked with companies like Pillarword Securitas Solutions, EMI Systems Limited and Enerx Limited. Pounds is a fan of football and formular 1

victory oyekpen
Victory Oyekpen AKA Vicki

Victory Oyekpen is a passionate leader and community builder with a first degree in Computer Science and Masters in Artificial Intelligence. She embraces uniqueness and is a people person. She has worked with organizations like Chams Plc. and Phalga City Council. Vicki is a beautiful singer, a huge fan of brain teasers, and loves to engage in intelligent debates.

Why We Do What We Do

Only 1% of new technology is built for the fast rising diverse and deskless worker who will make up 50% of the total global workforce by 2050.

Our Vision

We believe that by helping today’s diverse teams connect faster across language barriers, we are consequently helping the world speak the same language!

Start Using Baabell today and join our 300+ diversity
and inclusion advocates.

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